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Teach children to identify their feelings.

“What Is This Feeling?” helps children of all ages learn about their feelings. Knowing how to identify emotions and respond accordingly is key to healthy development. 

Why I Wrote the Book

About The Author

The year 2020 was a tough one for everybody, adults and children alike. COVID-19 destroyed all semblance of routine and normalcy as so many things that we took for granted were no longer available to us, such as outdoor play, in person meetings, family gatherings and trips. At first, these changes seemed to be something of an adventure, but it did not take too long before they took their toll on us all. Each individual was surely affected by the pandemic in their own way. As an adult, I was able to identify my feelings and emotions, which enabled me to do what I needed to maintain my emotional and mental health.

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As a father, however, I could see the effect that the lack of routine and social interaction was having on my children. I wanted to be sure that they too would have the tools to identify their own feelings and verbalize them so that these feelings could be addressed in a healthy way as well. And so the poem, “What is this Feeling” was born. I wrote the poem as a fun way to convey to my children, on their level, the importance of understanding our emotions and interpreting them correctly to achieve inner peace. I am proud to say that it was very well received and helped tremendously, as I worked with them through all their feelings and helped them eliminate the frustration and confusion that they were understandably feeling.

After seeing how helpful these words were to my children, I knew that the next step was to put them into a children’s book so that we would be able to help parents and children everywhere address this most important matter in a fun and playful way. Often, we forget that the little people in our lives have thoughts and feelings too – big ones! In fact, their feelings are often far bigger than ours, as their knowledge is that much more limited. As parents, it is important to have the tools to help our children properly process these feelings. This book has been a great asset to my children, and I hope that you will be able to say the same. 

Jay Weingarden is a real estate operator and entrepreneur. More importantly, he is a dedicated father of 3 and now children’s book author.

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